What is AdTracker:Online (ATOL)?

ATOL is Stuff’s online self-service tool to manage your ad booking – from having an ad created or uploading a completed ad file, right through to proofing and approving an ad, or submitting corrections.

With access to your booking around the clock and across multiple platforms, you can manage your ad from most online devices at a time that suits you.


Where can I find my login details?

Prior to the run date of your booked ad, you will receive an upcoming booking email from creativeservices@stuff.co.nz. This will contain a link to take you directly into AdTracker.  

Alternatively, you can log in with the username and password provided within this same email or contact a local sales support person on one of the emails listed here.


Go to AdTracker

Computer on bed

Navigating the ATOL dashboard

A quick overview on logging in and using ATOL

Computer with USB flash drive

Uploading a completed ad file

Have your ad ready to go? Find out how to upload it to ATOL

Creating an Ad

Need us to create your ad? Everything you
need to know to get the perfect result

Proofing an ad

View your ad and either approve or submit corrections.

Get in touch

Find details for your local sales support team


+ How to use ATOL videos
+ Print & digital spec
+ PDF job options
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