Audio advertising is a fantastic way to engage with an audience and increase consideration for your brand.

Extend your messaging by pairing your advertising campaign with Stuff’s award winning investigative journalism content, spanning a range of topics from the massively popular true crime, to property, parenting and politics.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Stuff.co.nz, our podcasts average 4,000 listens per day (across all Stuff podcasts)*. View our full range of podcasts here.


It’s Audio

NZ Podcast listening rose 108% in 2019**

Brand Safe

Advertising in podcasts ensures that you are in a brand safe environment

Brand Affinity

50% of NZ podcast listeners say they are more likely to consider a brand, product or service due to their affinity with a podcast**

Be Heard

Audio impressions are the only impressions that can impact a consumer while the device is in use but not in view***


Podcasts are often well researched which means the stories are in depth and the audience is deeply engaged with the content


Resene came on board with Stuff and supported our property podcast First Rung.

Resene was mentioned by the host in the intro as being a supporter of the podcast.

A Resene paint expert was also brought in during the last episode to give tips and advice when painting your home.

Listen to the host read intro

Listen to the Resene Plug

ŠKODA worked with Stuff on a new sponsorship opportunity for the Superfad podcast series

The hosts did voiced reads promoting benefits of ŠKODA models which were placed pre, mid & post episode of the podcast series

Read about the powerful results ŠKODA reported in the case study below.

Listen to the host read intro

View the case study

The Warehouse sponsored our One Hot Minute podcast – part of Stuff’s The Forever Project.

The Warehouse was mentioned by the host in the intro as being a supporter of the podcast and a supporter of sustainability.

The Warehouse also had standard display billboard banners in the One Hot Minute interactive on Stuff.co.nz 

Listen to the host read intro

If you would like more information on audio advertising please click here to get in touch or email tyson.jemmett@stuff.co.nz

* Whooshkaa Jul-Nov 2020. ** Fresh Focus NZ Podcast Research 2019. *** IAB NZ Audio Playbook 2020.