The Dominion Post: Serving the Wellington region for over 150 years

The Dominion Post has been Informing and inspiring Wellington and the lower North Island for over 150 years. Monday – Saturday it delivers a premium local environment for big and small advertisers alike to connect with consumers, grow brand awareness and drive action.

Quick Stats:*

  • 142,000 daily readers
  • 449,000 monthly readers
  • Published Monday – Saturday

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*Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 19 – Q4 19 March 20 TVOnline Fused – STUFF. Base: All people 15+

Why advertise in print?

Newspapers and magazines are at the heart of their communities, whether these are geographic or interested based, informing and inspiring hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Ads in print publications give businesses the unique opportunity to sit down face to face with readers and engage with them in their homes in channels that cut through the digital clutter:

  • People love what they can touch. Putting a newspaper or magazine in someone’s hands means they’re more engaged than if they were staring at a screen. People remember more of what they read in print because of its tactile nature.
  • Print can bridge the gap between online campaigns and the real world. Connecting the dots for your customers no matter where your campaign takes them.
  • Our brands have a heritage. They’ve earned the respect of our readers and our readers trust them. When they see your brand aligned with our brands, consumers are more likely to trust what you’re saying.
  • Frequency and repetition are so important when it comes not only to print but to your overall marketing campaign. Daily, weekly or monthly, including print as an element of your master campaign plan that covers channels such as radio, television, digital display, native advertising and social will ensure you see better results as consumers see, understand and then act on your messaging that builds up over time.

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