Key Changes to our Newspapers that Advertisers Need to Know

From Monday 30 April 2018, we are changing the physical size of our Monday-Friday metropolitan and regional newspapers from the traditional large format newspaper style, known as “Broadsheet”, to a smaller and easier to read size and format, known as “Compact”.

The following newspapers will be changing to compact size:

AND at the same time we are changing our advertising and page grid terminology, from column cm to modular units, across all our print publications, including those remaining in broadsheet (Saturday Mets and Regionals, and Sunday Star Times). However, classified advertising across all the publications will remain in column cm.

The information on this page is designed to help you understand the changes taking place from the 30th April 2018. If we’ve left something out, please email

Changes to Advertising Across ALL Newspapers

All Newspapers are changing to a modular grid and advertising, regardless of their compact or broadsheet size

Changes to Advertising for Newspapers Changing to Compact Size

An overview of the changes for the newspapers moving to compact size

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Enter the competition to celebrate the upcoming changes to our newspapers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the change to compact

Download a Booklet of the Upcoming Changes

All the key changes to our newspapers that advertisers need to know about

Prototypes of the New Compact Papers

Explore the new look and feel papers here

New Rate Cards for All Newspapers

The change to modular advertising sizes means we need to adjust our rates to reflect the new sizes

Two ladies enjoying the new format Waikato Times over coffee at a cafe

Feedback From Our Readers

We asked readers around the country what they think about our new compact format newspapers

More Great Content for Readers

We used the change as an opportunity to improve the content we deliver

Improved Look and Feel for Readers

The upcoming change in format is going to improve reader interaction with the newspapers

New Modular Advertising Shapes and Sizes

See our new broadsheet and compact advertising options

How We Are Marketing the Change to Readers

Details of our largest ever reader print promotion