Society loves to group and stereotype. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials – each generation is awarded labels around their personas and behaviours.

Millennials in particular, move away from engaging with brands that look to stereotype them as being ‘one way’.

So that NZ businesses can understand how better to market to millennials, Stuff engaged Colmar Brunton to conduct a study*, to:

  • understand further how millennials currently engage with media & advertising
  • learn what the rules of engagement for them are, and what needs to be done by businesses, to attract more of this generational group
  • understand how important social influencers are for them.

Is your business engaging with Millennials in the right way?  To download the presentation, click on the link below and fill out your details.

* Colmar Brunton: Understanding the Behaviour & Needs of Millennials, 2018