AdTracker:Online (ATOL) is our online self-service tool where you can manage your ad booking – from having an ad created or uploading a print ready ad, right through to proofing and approving an ad, or submitting corrections.

In the instructional video below you’ll learn how to navigate the tabs within the dashboard and understand what each does, plus how to view full details of your upcoming ad bookings. You can also view these as written instructions by scrolling down.



Step 1. Accessing AdTracker

Prior to the run date of your booked ad, you will receive an upcoming booking email from containing a link to submit files within AdTracker.  Click on this link and you will be taken directly to your booking.


Alternatively, should you have multiple bookings you are wanting to view, you can do so by logging into AdTracker with the username and password provided within the same email.

If you are having trouble locating this email or logging in, please get in touch with your
local sales support contact here.


Step 2. Navigating the dashboard

The ATOL dashboard is divided into six tabs, with ads progressing through the first four tabs depending on what stage in production they are at.

  • New Orders  Shows all your current ad bookings.  Upcoming ads will sit here while awaiting a completed ad file to be uploaded. If we are creating an ad for you, they will remain here until you have uploaded all the elements required for our designers to begin work.
  • Proofs to Review  Shows ads that have been created, which are ready to be reviewed and either approved or corrections submitted
  • Requires Attention  If we have any queries about your ad or if AdTracker has failed it for some reason, it will sit under requires attention. You will be contacted if further information or action is required.
  • In Progress – While your ad is in production it will sit under in progress
  • Watchlist – Ads can be added to the watchlist tab and will remain there until you remove them from the list.
  • Search Results – Shows the results of your last search


Using the search button you can look up specific ad IDs, ads running on specified days, previous ads and a range of other search criteria.  To find your previous ads ensure include archived ads is selected when you search.


To display full details of your ad booking, click on the line you require information for and a window will open.  If there is a proof available it will open on the proof tab. If no proof is available it will open on the ad jacket tab, which will show the deadlines relating to the ad. The run date tab will show which publication your ad will appear in and on what date.


Need help?

Find details for your local Sales Support contact here.

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