I’m proud to tell you that Stuff is returning to local hands after many years of offshore ownership. 

Earlier in the week I agreed a deal with our Australian parent company, Nine, to buy Stuff Ltd, a move which will enable us to define a brave new era for the business.

Our new independence gives us the ability to do things differently. I am looking forward to giving our staff a direct ownership stake in our business, which after all exists because of the work they are so passionate about producing. 

When speaking to staff about our future this week I used the phrase ‘Kia tupeke te toa’, which means ‘Let the brave leap’. This will become a catch-cry for our business, describing the bold approach we intend to take in the future to ensure we can continue to sustain and nourish the independent journalism that is the heart of our organisation. 

Stuff is built on a long and proud heritage of great New Zealand journalism. Some of our mastheads are more than 150 years old, and New Zealanders have turned to us for trustworthy news for generations. This has been particularly true during the Covid-19 crisis, during which we’ve seen record demand for our journalism and our products. 

Over those decades, our work has evolved to meet the needs of the time. From our roots as a newspaper only organisation, we are now producing world-class documentaries, podcasts and investigations on the country’s biggest digital platform, Stuff. We have a strong and vibrant social network in Neighbourly, which helps keep our communities connected. Yet, local and regional journalism remains at our core.

We are so grateful for the support you give us through newspaper and magazine subscriptions and donations which directly fund our journalism. I truly believe that everyone – reader or not –  benefits from a strong and healthy fourth estate, which not only tells the stories of our lives, but works to hold power to account and keep our society free from corruption. Thank you for your important role in enabling this.

We also thank you for the high level of trust you place in us. Just this month, Stuff was named one of the 20 New Zealand companies with the highest reputation* and this is something we will never take for granted.

Sinead Boucher
Stuff Chief Executive



*2020 Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index