Stuff readers can now make financial contributions to help power Stuff’s local and national news teams and award-winning investigations.

“Trustworthy news and information has never been more important,” says Stuff Chief Executive Sinead Boucher. “But despite record demand for journalism, news media is facing a dramatic decline in the advertising revenues that have traditionally funded it. We need to rely more directly on the support of readers.

“Kiwis have supported us in many ways over the years, through advertising, reading and subscribing to our content, and we have always been grateful for that patronage. Contributions from readers is simply a new way Kiwis who value what we do can choose to support us and the journalism our newsrooms around the country produce.

This initiative has been planned for some months, however the impact of Covid-19 meant it was timely to accelerate plans.

“We’ve seen the reader contributions model at work in many respected international and local media companies,” says Boucher. “We hope people who choose to support us will do so because they value the role of journalism in our society and want it to continue.”

“A healthy democracy needs a healthy media eco-system to fulfil the role of the fourth estate. It has never been more important that journalists can continue to hold those in power to account for their decisions and to sort the facts from the fake news and tell the stories of New Zealanders.”

Readers can contribute directly via the website that links to local platform PressPatron, or at