KPEX, New Zealand’s premium ad exchange, is to unmask all ad inventory URLs from 18th March 2019.

KPEX, the programmatic ad exchange owned by New Zealand’s four largest media groups, announces today that it will provide full URL transparency for all its online advertising inventory from 18th March 2019. Since KPEX launched in 2015, all the open marketplace inventory that KPEX monetizes has been masked under the URL ‘’. Now programmatic buyers and demand-side platforms will see the full URL of all ad requests when bidding for inventory through all three of KPEX’s primary SSPs: AppNexus, Rubicon Project, and Google Ad Exchange.

KPEX’s CEO, Simon Birkenhead, says, “Advertisers have rightly become increasingly concerned about brand safety and ad fraud over the last few years. Whilst KPEX only partners with the highest quality premium publishers, we recognize that many buyers want the reassurance of knowing the URL where their ads will show.”

Buyers have been able to bid on unmasked inventory from KPEX through private marketplace deals since mid 2017, and through the Rubicon Project SSP since August 2018. This change will unmask all open marketplace inventory across two further SSPs: AppNexus and Google Ad Exchange.

“KPEX is an essential part of any online ad campaign in New Zealand due to its local scale and the quality of its publishers,” says Peter Sinclair, Head of Amnet NZ. However, historically we have been unable to achieve the desired scale across their open market inventory as our brand safety technology could not categorise their URLs. This change to fully transparent URLs will help ensure we deliver across local, premium inventory and reassure our clients that their ads will only show on trusted sites.”

To take advantage of this change, programmatic buyers will need to whitelist each of KPEX’s 58 sites. A full list of URLs can be downloaded from:

KPEX is an advertising consortium owned by New Zealand’s four largest media brands: NZME, Stuff, TVNZ and Mediaworks. As their official and exclusive RTB programmatic ad sales platform, KPEX provides buyers with single source access to premium, brand-safe online ad placements across 58 of New Zealand’s most popular content websites. For more information, please visit or get in touch through