One month after our nine metropolitan and regional newspapers went compact, we thought it would be worth looking back to see if your predictions were correct.

Prior to the change to compact, we encouraged you, our advertisers, to tell us how you thought the change to compact was going to impact on our readers experience with our papers.

We are pleased to report that from the more than 400 responses we had to the survey, no advertisers thought that the change was going to “quite negatively” impact on the reader experience.

Over 80% of you surveyed thought that it would somewhat or quite positively impact on the reader experience.

On a whole, you also thought that the more convenient size would deliver the biggest benefit to readers, closely followed by a refreshed approach to print and an increased focus on local news.

During the past month, we’ve been listening to readers and we can confirm that you, the advertisers, were in fact right:

  • “I like the size of the paper. It doesn’t occupy the whole table for breakfast.” Taranaki Daily News Reader
  • “Great work on the new compact paper! I have been a subscriber for nearly 8 years now and have read the Dompost pretty much all my adult life.” Satisfied Dominion Post Subscriber
  • “Very manageable at the breakfast table – no longer hogging the table – keeps the wife happy.” Content Southland Times Husband
  • “It is certainly easier to read in a plane!” High-flying Press reader
  • “We have enjoyed the new look paper it is well presented and is a lot easier to manage. The content local and international is great, a good promotion about Palmerston North!” Passionate Manawatu Standard Reader
  • “A customer came in and picked up their usual NZ Herald then saw the new compact version Waikato Times sitting next to it. They replaced the Herald and bought the Waikato Times.” Observant Store Attendant in the Waikato
  • “June can’t remember how long she’s been getting the Press. She’s 78 this year. She thinks it’s amazing, and it’s got everything, even the little TV bit she pulled out.” Loyal Press husband

As our readers are proving; now’s a great time to be in our print publications:

  • They’ve never looked as good as they do now – you can really take advantage of our great new page layouts and ad environments to engage readers.
  • You get a trusted, premium ad environment for an even sharper price per 000
  • We have a range of creative options for brands to integrate print into a wider campaign.

Reach out to your advertising account manager or email to enquire.