Stuff has launched a new publication and economic index – The Monitor – providing a quarterly snapshot of the current business environment.

The index looks at the speed of growth across a range of sectors, using data from Infometrics.

“We want to offer the business community a unique set of insights that will help them better understand the economy they are navigating, and maximise their success,” says Stuff Business Editor Susan Edmunds.

“The insights are presented alongside data demonstrating the strength of the overall economy and analysis of how businesses in each sector can tackle the challenges ahead.”

Edmunds says providing sector-specific insights is essential in the current environment.

“The impact of Covid-19 has had such a wide-ranging impact on New Zealand businesses. Some sectors are struggling to stay afloat while others are thriving, so we wanted to drill into the detail to make the content meaningful and useful for business decision-makers.”

The quarterly publication, and section on Stuff, is produced by Stuff’s business journalists, with insights from New Zealand’s leading economists, analysts, political figures and business people. It complements Stuff’s strong SME offering, Prosper.

“We wanted to create a publication that really measures the pulse of corporate New Zealand,” says Edmunds. “It’s analytical but also future-focused, offering a range of perspectives and data points.”

  • Lessons for big business, one year on from the first case of Covid-19, and what will be the keys to success in the near future – has the social contract changed for NZ’s big business?
  • What’s worrying boardrooms around NZ
  • Key challenges of a variety of industries
  • A focus on the migrant economy
  • How Māori business has fared through Covid-19
  • How this Government’s policies are likely to affect business over the coming years.

Readers can also access a digital version of The Monitor’s economic index here.

The Monitor is available in all of Stuff’s daily papers on Wednesday 31 March and this weekend’s Sunday Star-Times.