20 years on from the site’s launch, Stuff has a slick new homepage design and refreshed content that’s fit for a brave new era of the business.

The new design stays true to Stuff’s brand and personality while enabling editors to showcase journalism to readers in seamless and engaging ways. “The new homepage utilises all forms of modern storytelling tools, and is heavy on visuals and video which draws the reader in,” says Stuff Editorial Director Mark Stevens.

“The modular approach means we have flexibility to treat different types of content in different ways, creating an impact and giving hierarchy to the most important stories,” says Stevens.

The content-lineup of Stuff has also been refined. “‘While local, national and international news will always be the primary drawcard for readers, we’re ramping up coverage in a few key areas, in particular property, climate and supporting small Kiwi businesses.

‘We have new sections dedicated to reflecting the zeitgeist – right now it’s Coronavirus – as well as a new Perspectives section dedicated to opinion and analysis from across the Stuff stable of voices.”

The new Pou Tiaki section focuses on Te Ao Māori, or the Māori world. “Pou Tiaki is the name for a carved post used to stand guard and protect – a fitting name for a section that will feature stories and broadcast content about the beauty and diversity of our land and people,” says Stevens.

The new homepage has been designed with advertisers in mind. “We looked around the world at best-in-class sites to understand how we can create an environment that best balances advertiser and content needs,” says Stuff commercial director Josh Borthwick.

“As a result, we have new products to sell, including bold new large-format ads available on the homepage and more native ad spots. Customers will enjoy higher visibility as a result of sticky advertising and signposts that drive readers to open up larger-format ads.

“The modular design also means we can easily place native ads amongst specific content, delivering highly targeted opportunities for advertisers,” says Borthwick.

For more on the changes read today’s story or take a look around at stuff.co.nz.