This week Stuff joined a group of media organisations from around the globe who have signed Covering Climate Now’s declaration to treat climate change as an emergency.

Covering Climate Now is an alliance of more than 460 publishers worldwide who are committed to improving and accelerating coverage of climate change.

Stuff launched Quick! Save the Planet in 2018, before joining the Covering Climate Now alliance in 2019, and is the only New Zealand media organisation to sign the declaration.

Climate editor Eloise Gibson says Stuff consciously strives to cover important climate developments, to uncover new information and inspire hope. In early 2020 Stuff launched The Forever Project, an editorial and business-wide commitment to sustainability that includes an ambitious emissions reduction target as well as world-leading, constructive coverage of the climate crisis.

“This latest commitment is a ‘renewing of the vows’ for us to always ensure climate change stays front and centre in our news reporting and is made a top priority, even when other disasters strike,” says Gibson.

“Recognising that the climate emergency is here, and that failing to slash emissions will make extraordinary heat, storms, wildfires, and ice melt routine, is the right, and accurate, thing to do.”

Stuff’s animated video series Hot Air Sucks! explains how climate change is intensifying natural disasters. Climate reporter Olivia Wannan is currently attending the COP26 world climate summit in Glasgow, reporting on the developments that matter most to New Zealanders.

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Eloise Gibson, Stuff’s Climate Editor