We’ve moved our Sunday Star-Times to the compact format, refreshing the look and feel and content. Don’t worry, we have retained our much-loved reader favourites: the Sunday magazine, Escape, Focus and puzzles. Through design, layout, new commentators and a streamlined compact paper we can add more value, better national coverage, and a better spread of lifestyle, voices and ‘Sunday magazine type’ material for our readers; and importantly for your customers.

Reader feedback

We were overwhelmed at the positive reader feedback we received from both the reader focus groups before the change and the wider community following the change. Some of the feedback is also from ex-subscribers, who are convinced this is the type of newspaper they want to start subscribing to again:

“I haven’t bought a newspaper in ages but saw the new-look SST and bought a copy. It’s a good read, and I like the smaller size, so much easier to handle.”

“I like the size, I like the back page crossword, and that there are still the same number of crosswords in their original place!”

“Very good reading and very manageable”

“Love the new format, and the columns, and that daft Dad guy. And the crosswords.”

“I like that it makes me think — uses my grey matter — it’s enjoyable and immersive.”

“More bang for your buck with hard news and a magazine inside”


Reader survey

Before shifting the Sunday Star-Times to the compact format, we conducted a reader survey and heard from over 3000 of our Sunday Star-Times subscribers. We think we gathered some pretty substantial findings, that all national advertisers should know about:

  • Readers are loyal and engaged, over three-quarters of them have subscribed for 3 years or more and on average, spend more than an hour reading each week.
  • 63% of readers say they are satisfied with the content of the Sunday Star-Times. Only 12% say they are dissatisfied.
  • News/Focus is a section regularly read by 9 out of 10 readers, the next most read sections are Sunday magazine (82%), Escape (81%) and World (76%).
  • In terms of importance to readers News/Focus, World, Escape and Sunday Magazine has the highest ratings.
  • Sunday magazine is read regularly by 86% of readers. Only 3% say they never read it.
  • Sectionalisation is a common trend in readers’ households. Three-quarter of readers say they split the Sunday Star-Times into sections and have multiple readers at the same time.
  • The majority (61%) of readers say that they would either feel more positive or their attitude wouldn’t change if the Sunday Star-Times was published in a compact format.
  • Over a third of readers said they were very likely to continue to subscribe if the Sunday Star-Times became a compact. The average rating on the likelihood to continue subscribing scale was 7, where 1 was very unlikely and 10 was very likely to continue subscribing.
  • When it comes to perceptions of compact newspapers compared to broadsheets, most readers (70%) don’t believe there is a difference in standards of journalism, authority and accuracy between the two.
  • Only 21% believe a newspaper’s content would change when changing from a broadsheet to a compact format and only 20% believe a compact newspaper is synonymous with “tabloid journalism” and a focus on more salacious subject matter.

Reach premium audiences with the Sunday Star Times*

  • Average issue readership 247,000
  • Monthly coverage 462,000
  • 40% of readers put quality before cost
  • 77% are homeowners
  • 50% are their household’s main shopper
  • 59 is the average age of readers
  • Average household income of readers is $123,617

*Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q3 17 – Q2 18 Jul 18


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