It’s time to show off how creative you can be

The Paper Planes is a creative competition which shines a spotlight on the very best work from New Zealand advertisers.

It’s a celebration of the brands that capture our attention and imagination through clever and innovative print-led advertising concepts that can be brought to life in an integrated manner, delivering effective and impactful results.

This year’s winning entries will be judged and selected by ad industry legend, and global authority on trust in advertising, Cindy Gallop.

Cindy will be joining us (virtually) for The Paper Planes Award Breakfast in May 2021, to deliver a keynote address on the future of advertising in news media, and the importance of trust – after which she will announce the winners.

The Paper Planes 2021 Prizes:

  1. Best print campaign – $300k print advertising
  2. Best integrated campaign – $100k print and digital advertising
  3. Best digital campaign – $100k digital advertising

So, let your creativity take flight.

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