Changes to Advertising for Newspapers Changing to Compact Size

1. The structure of the book
The traditional book sections (A, B, C, D) will no longer exist in the new compact Monday to Friday format. Sections will be replaced with simple sequential page numbering.

2. The page flow
In designing our new compact newspapers, we’ve been very deliberate in creating a consistent page flow and structure across our weekday publications. We’ve also retained the best of our popular Life & Style content and nestled this within the second half of the newspaper — along with the essential sections like TV, weather, two pages of puzzles, family notices, classified advertising and sports.

3. The rate card structure
Our advertising can only be bought in modules after 30 April 2018.
For some customers the current advertising shape and size will alter slightly in order to fit the modular format.

4. The booking process
While the traditional method of booking and charging for advertising will change, we are well prepared to work with you to make this an easy transition.

5. Guaranteed positioning and creative executions
Guaranteed positioning and bespoke creative opportunities are available on request.

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