During the development of our new weekday compact newspapers, Stuff conducted numerous reader group sessions to understand what our readers thought about the change.

Here’s some insights in to what they told us:

“I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen — more depth, more content, more analysis. Great value for money — I am very pleased with it. Definitely a good buy.”
– Carol, Wellington

“I’ve been a subscriber for many years, and I’m very thrilled and excited and looking forward to the launch of the new paper.”
– Charles, Wellington

“It’s nice and easy to handle and easy to read — I will definitely continue to buy and read The Press.” – Martine Christchurch

“The size and the layout — the new dimensions make it easier to read — if you’re lying down or sitting on the bus.”
– Neil, Wellington

“I wasn’t looking forward to getting a compact size, but now I am.”
– Phil, Hamilton

“I love the new format — I think it’s fresh and modern — easily manageable with the smaller size for trains, buses, planes — easier to manage at home also at the table or on the couch. I love the colour coding for navigation — I think that really helps.”
– Tim, Wellington

“It’s a great idea… at last”
– Shirley, Hamilton

“I really do like the new format — I was prepared not to like it in some ways but I think it’s great. It feels like there is a lot more content. It’s very easy to handle and I like all the effort that’s gone into it really. It’s got more colour — it’s approachable — it’s about Wellington and a lot of thought has been put into it.”
– Kirsty, Wellington

“Great new layout — it’s very clear and easy to read. The colour was pretty good throughout.”
– Alan Christchurch

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