Overview of the Changes for Advertiser

Written By Janet Smith, Advertising Sales Director

Switching over to a compact format is an exciting project for our much-loved newspapers.

While a focus on design and reduction of size has been integral to the project, we know that success lies with our readers and customers adapting to what we think is a better paper.

As we move to a smaller, more manageable compact-sized newspaper, life will get easier for all of us involved in booking and producing advertising as we align ourselves closely with other compact products in the market.

From April 30, 2018, our papers will no longer be using centimetres and columns as we switch to units of space on the page, known as “modules”. While the traditional method of booking and charging for advertising will change, we are well prepared to work with you to make this an easier transition.

In our new format, we will introduce a compact grid for our advertisements.

For Monday to Friday papers, the page is divided into a number of equal modules of space, or fractions of a page using a new simple 8 x 8 grid. For our Saturday titles, advertising will be placed on a 12 x 12 broadsheet grid, using the same module grids as our weekday newspapers.

There will be no interruption to current advertising campaigns; they will continue to run as booked. There may be a slight difference in the size and/or shape of your ad, but you will know exactly how your advertising is affected well ahead of the planned change to compact.

In every instance, customers that currently have ads booked in one of our broadsheet papers, and that are less than a quarter page in size, will receive slightly more space in the compact format. So you may get a larger ad than you have booked but the price will remain the same.

Because this is a brand product, customers who have a current campaign or who typically book ad sizes of more than a quarter page, will be offered some exciting new value-added options in order to ensure they do not lose out as we move to the new compact format.

Your account manager will be in touch before the change happens to explain the changes in detail and to discuss the impact, if any, on your current advertising. This will be your opportunity to agree to any amendments or changes.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch; janet.smith@stuff.co.nz