Changes to Advertising Across ALL Newspapers

We are simplifying the way advertising is created, booked and placed in all our print publications. Key changes to be aware of across all printed newspapers:

1. The change in grid
ALL Stuff papers are moving to one of two modular page grids, either a compact sized (8×8) grid, or a broadsheet sized (12×12) grid.

2. Compact grid publications
All Monday to Friday metropolitan, regional and community papers, and the Sunday News, will be produced using the compact (8×8) grid.

3. Broadsheet grid publications
Our Saturday publications of metropolitan and regional papers, and the Sunday Star-Times will be in the broadsheet (12×12) grid.

4. The change to modular advertising sizes
As a result of the change to a grid format, advertising shapes and sizes across ALL our papers will change to modular ad sizes, from column cm. This means that the existing advertising shapes and sizes will change. For advertisers who regularly place advertisements a quarter page and over, one of our account managers will be in touch to talk through the options.

5. Simplified advertising shapes
We have reduced the number of possible advertising shapes and sizes to make life easier and align with other products in the market. Click here to view all the available shapes and sizes.

6. Classifieds are not changing
Classified advertising across all publications will remain in column cms.

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