We’re Moving to Compact

From late April, the way we present our newspapers to our readers and advertisers will be different — and better — as we move our major dailies from broadsheet to a new, fresh compact version.

The new format for our much-loved papers is more than just a change in size. We’re constantly listening to what our readers and advertisers want, and our newly-designed papers will not only look different, but will better align with their needs and wants.

We will still include all the favourite existing sections, with enhancements in design, page fl ow and signposting, and a renewed emphasis on local news.

The changes to our advertisements, inherent in the change to a compact format, are to make life easier for both your business, by bringing them in line with industry standards, and for us as we have reduced the number of sizes.

We know change can be difficult, but I know our sales and account managers will be working closely with you in the coming months to ensure the delivery of a superior print experience.

A lot of thought and effort by our senior designers, editorial, marketing and commercial teams has gone into ensuring these changes are enhancing the experience for everyone.

Recently, I sat in on a subscriber get together to unveil the new papers. I was absolutely blown away at how thrilled the first set of readers were at the new look of their beloved papers. And I hope that continues.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Stuff CEO, Sinead Boucher

Sinead Boucher, Stuff CEO