In the instructional video below you’ll learn how to view your proof and either approve it, or submit corrections.  You can also view these as written instructions by scrolling down.


Step 1. Viewing your proof

When your proof is ready for viewing you will be notified via an email from  

The email will contain a link to view your proof in AdTracker and also state the deadline for submitting ad corrections.

After following the link, you can view your ad by clicking the view PDF button. This will open your ad in a pdf view, which will allow you to scale the ad, save the pdf and add sticky notes if required.

The send proof button will allow you to send the ad to someone else to view.


Step 2. Approving your ad

If you are happy with your proof and no changes are required click on the approve proof button.


Step 3. Making changes to your ad

If you would like to make corrections to your ad (and as long as it is prior to the deadline) click on correctionsThis will open an annotations page where you can mark changes directly onto your proof. A single click will give you a dot.  Click and drag will create a rectangle. When the annotations editor displays you can type instructions in the text field. You can also change the colour of the text and background to ensure your changes are visible. Once you have completed your instructions click close editor. Add as many annotations as you need.


Click next.

If your corrections use elements from a previous ad, enter the relevant ad number in the pickup from field and click ad pickup.  You can attach up to five. Any other files that are required for your corrections can be added by clicking select files and browsing for the relevant items, or dragging them into the drop files here section.

Click next.

On the details about this ad page you will be asked what level of design input is required.  There are 3 options:

  • no design
  • some design
  • full design 

When some design & full design are selected there will be further questions displayed for you to answer. 

Click next.  

If you have any instructions to give the designer (eg replace the images with the new one attached. Change the headline text to red), these can be added in the instructions for this ad field.

Click next.

A summary page will display, where you can check the details that will be submitted to the designer. You can also click the add this ad to my watchlist button if you wish. If everything is captured, click submit to complete the process.

Corrections will be made within 4 hours and a new proof emailed to you for approval.

Need help?

Find details for your local Sales Support contact here.

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