TV Guide

Display advertising sizes

Double Page Spread

Image area:180x242mm
Trim area:208x260mm
Bleed size:218x270mm


Full Page

Image area:180x112mm
Trim area:208x130mm
Bleed size:218x140mm


Half Page Vertical

Image area:180x54mm
Trim area:208x63mm
Bleed size:218x73mm


One Third Vertical

Image area:180x31mm
Trim area:208x45mm
Bleed size:218x55mm


Half Page Horizontal

Image area:92x112mm
Trim area:102x130mm
Bleed size:112x140mm


One Third Horizontal

Image area:60x112mm
Trim area:74x130mm
Bleed size:84x140mm


Double Directory

Image area:60x73mm


Single Directory

Image area:60x37mm


Premium Position

Premium positions, such as specific pages, are available subject to availability and will incur a loading of 15%

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation after the booking deadline will result in a cancellation fee of 25% of the booking cost.


Commission of 10% is payable on the above rates to agencies accredited with the PMAA.

Material delivery

Supplying content:Inserts should be delivered to: North Island: Ovato, 122 Kerrs Road, Wiri, Auckland South Island: Ovato, 30 Birmingham Drive, Middleton, Christchurch Stuff Insert docket MUST accompany inserts. Email: Please allow 3% for spoils.


Contact your Sales Representative for deadlines