Hell Pizza came to us with a challenge, one we couldn’t refuse – how to help an iconic New Zealand brand, with a track record of outrageous public stunts (of often questionable taste), do “something different” for its 20th anniversary – without getting arrested?

The Campaign
Hell’s history is rich and unique and the brand is at its best when it speaks for itself and does its own, special thing. We figured that given their story had us hooked then surely it was worthy of telling to the rest of New Zealand. Our features supplement team worked with Hell Pizza to write, design and publish their very own retrospective magazine. “20 Years Of Hell” was inserted into The Dominion Post and Sunday Star-Times to (saturate hometown Wellington) and into national runs of the Sunday Star-Times to get reach for their franchisees. We also recommended printing extra copies which outlets could deliver free with pizzas. 339,000 copies were printed – 21 tonnes of paper all up, and none of them was wasted.

The Results
We all knew the content was colourful and engaging and should be well received, but the impact exceeded expectations. The marketing manager was immediately on the phone to say he was “blown away” by the results and feedback from both customers and suppliers.

Hell reported a 19% increase in sales the day their magazine dropped in Wellington, and a 12% uplift across NZ.

These gains were all the more impressive given this was a pure brand play, with no retail offer or call to action.

I am now telling anyone - partners, suppliers, people I know - get back into newspapers the results are amazing!
Jason Buckley, Marketing Manager, Hell Pizza