Client: Holden New Zealand

Campaign objective: Increase sales and product awareness

Region: National

Target Audience: Car buyers and main household shopper

Channels: Print

Ad types: Newspaper wrap and full-page advertisement.


Holden New Zealand partnered with Stuff to build a consideration campaign for their Colorado and SUV range which resulted in increased website traffic and vehicle sales through powerful wraps and page advertisements in Stuff’s metropolitan newspapers.


The Challenge

The Colorado is currently ranked the 4th best selling Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) behind the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Mitsubishi Triton.

To compete against the other brands’ offerings, Holden wanted to showcase the Colorado’s features, such as the 3.5 Tonne tow ability, 500Nm of torque.

They also wanted to build further awareness of their SUV range as acontinuation of their recently launched ‘This is how we SUV’ campaign and their new SUV offering; the all-new Holden Acadia.


The Strategy

Holden’s main objective for this campaign was to build awareness and increase sales for the Colorado and their SUV range. To achieve this, the team aimed to increase visitors to the product pages on both the national ( and dealer websites – therefore increasing enquiries and test drive bookings for the vehicles.

They also recognised that a tow bar is the most popular fitted accessory on the Colorado range so included an exclusive offer of a free tow bar fitted to every vehicle purchased from the Colorado range.

The SUV segment of the campaign targeted all individuals aged 25 – 54 years old, while the segment for the Colorado range targeted males in the same age range.

Both SUV and LCV campaigns previously ran across TV, digital (online video and display) and social media. However, the team at Holden observed that a number of their dealerships achieved great success through print advertising so this gave the team a proven environment to test the power of print advertising. Holden believed that print would provide the opportunity to give their target audience more information about the offers, features, and benefits of their vehicles, that other channels such as digital and social couldn’t do as well. Compared to the crowded channel of TV advertising, Holden believed that a wrap-around feature would provide more impact due to the ad placement’s exclusivity.


The Aim

The team at Holden forecasted a redemption rate of 3% from the overall audience, which translates to approximately 20 voucher redemptions. They (Holden) also aimed for an overall lift on page views and website enquiries for test drives, and build and price requests from their dealer websites and


The Campaign

Holden worked closely with Stuff to publish a 4-page colour wrap and full-page ad placements across Stuff’s Metropolitan newspapers (The Press, The Dominion Post, Waikato Times) and the Sunday Star-Times. A full-page advertisement was also published in an issue of the TV Guide.

Holden showcased the Acadia SUV and the Colorado Range’s unique selling propositions and featured their exciting SUV range. The advertisement for the Colorado Range also featured the free tow bar offer.

To ensure the offer was streamlined for all dealers and results were accurate across the board, the team at Holden withheld the dates of when the print ads would be published. In turn, dealers were provided a unique code to use during the purchasing process to enable their internal reporting to track results from this campaign.


The Results

During the three days of the print campaign, from 30th March to 1st April, the campaign attributed to approximately 20% of the Colorado sales within that period which demonstrated that the offer resonated with customers.

Between the period of 29 March to 1 April, via, the most significant results were:

  • 43% increase in visitors to the offers page.
  • 50% increase in visitors to the Colorado product page.
  • 35% increase in visitors to the Colorado build and price page.
  • 43% increase in visitors to Equinox product page.
  • 41% increase in visitors to the Equinox build and price page.

Holden recognises print as a supporting channel to complement their digital and TV Campaigns. It plays an important role in the media mix where we can convey a complex message, particularly with this offer which supported multiple models.

Print continues to play an important role and major channel for Holden Dealers where they support national campaigns and offers.


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"Print provides the opportunity to give the audience a lot more information on the offer, features and benefits of the models that other channels. The wrap feature gave us the ability to create the impact we were looking for in a less crowded channel."

- Holden, New Zealand