In 2017 Honeywrap, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, came to Stuff with the challenge of boosting brand awareness and ultimately increasing sales. To do this they needed to break into the mainstream New Zealand market to encourage early adopters to become advocates for this new product and get committed plastic wrap users to change their habits.

Working with the team at Stuff, a campaign was developed to leverage Stuff’s large audience to increase awareness of this new product and deliver actual sales through a native advertising campaign driving Stuff users to a bespoke e-commerce page for Honeywrap on Stuff’s ‘Popshop‘.

What is Popshop?

Popshop is an e-commerce site developed and powered by Stuff. It delivers three key benefits to vendors selling through it:

  • Money saving – Popshop is a readymade e-commerce platform, removing the need to invest in costly or time-consuming e-commerce software or a website
  • Integrated advertising campaigns –  Popshops are promoted seamlessly through native advertising on Stuff rather than ‘shouty’ ads which can turn consumers off. Delivering a simple user experience from advertising to purchase point is key for keeping people in the path to purchase
  • Leverages the brand power of Stuff  – Consumers know and trust the Stuff brand. With Popshop they can go right through the purchase funnel from discovery of brand/product through to purchase without having to leave the Stuff or Popshop websites.

The campaign

Honeywrap’s campaign ran across Stuff on mobile and desktop from 25 May to 10 June 2017. Stuff took care of all the copy and marketing assets to optimise them for our audience and deliver a strong conversion rate. The timeframe was kept to a limited period to deliver maximum bang for buck and ensure the campaign wrapped up before consumer fatigue set in. When the Popshop campaign finished Honeywrap products moved onto boutique online store This transition allowed Honeywrap to continue their awareness and sales momentum post the Popshop campaign.

The results

The Popshop campaign generated massive brand awareness for Honeywrap, introducing them to Stuff readers and getting their brand in front of 10s of thousands of potential customers. The native advertising which supported the Popshop store delivered an incredibly strong click through rate of 38% which generated a total of 52 sales over the 17 day campaign period.

“Our Honeywrap PopShop drove some fantastic sales results for us. The team were professional and super easy to deal with and worked hard to get everything right. Very pleased.”

Kate Henderson, Honeywrap