Client: Kitchen Things Hamilton

Campaign objective: Sale Promotion

Region: Waikato

Target Audience: Homeowners with average income

Channels: Print, Digital

Ad types: Full page community and daily newspapers, native carousel on Stuff App.


As a result of their powerful print advertisements in the Waikato Times and their local community newspapers, Kitchen Things Hamilton increased their sales by 10% and noticed a significant spike in store traffic during the weekend of their expo.


The Challenge

Twice a year, the team at Kitchen Things Hamilton (Kitchen Things) hold their Cooking and Appliance Expo. For the May 2019 Expo, the team set a goal to exceed last year’s sales and sell out their end of the line and clearance stock, and overstocked items.


The Strategy


“We have been using print for a long time and it always performs”

– Matthew Weatherell, Store Manager, Kitchen Things Hamilton


With the objective to sell out specific stock and surpass the sales from last year’s expos, the team looked at leveraging their successful advertising relationship with Stuff to showcase an offer that potential customers couldn’t resist.

Recognising the market’s appetite for low priced scratched and dented stock, as well as overstocked and end of the line items, Kitchen Things decided to showcase two deals targeting homeowners with above-average incomes:

      1. Unbeatable Deals on cooking demos, clearance product, scratched and dented appliances
      2. Up to 50% Off Premium European Appliances



The Campaign

Kitchen Things have utilised print for a long time and found that it always performs well and delivers fantastic results for their business.

To build anticipation, the team tapped into the power and reach of Stuff’s community papers in the region; Hamilton Press, Cambridge Edition, Piako Post, and Matamata Chronicle. A full-page colour advertisement was published in each of the community newspapers on 22 May, a few days before the expo began.

On the day of the expo, a full-page colour advertisement was published in the Saturday edition of the Waikato Times.

Between 15 May to 28 May, Kitchen Things booked a geo-targeted native carousel on the Stuff Mobile App to ensure that they reached potential customers who did not read a newspaper.



The Results

Kitchen Things increased their expo weekend sales by 10% year on year. They attributed this as an immediate result of the campaign. The team also noted the increase in store traffic across the weekend, comprised of returning and new customers. This resulted in the business rostering extra staff to service the influx of visitors.

During the expo, Kitchen Things staff asked customers what form of marketing prompted their visit to the store. The team found that 35% of the customers questioned attributed their visit to a newspaper advertisement and 5% credited the native carousel advertisement on Stuff.

Geo-targeting the Waikato region, the native carousel had a click target of 3,500 but ended up getting around 2 million impressions and 3,427 delivered clicks by the end of the campaign. Even if only 5% of the customers can be attributed to this advertisement, the impressions and clicks delivered through the native carousel certainly increased brand awareness for Kitchen Things.


With these results and the increase in sales, the team at Kitchen Things concluded that they would definitely run a similar campaign for their next promotion.


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“One of the key reasons why we work with Stuff and why our relationship is so successful is that we have built up a great relationship with our stuff rep over the past few years where he really understands our business and is always working for us to get the best results for our business.”

- Matthew Weatherell, Kitchen Things Hamilton