Client: My Food Bag

Campaign objective: Drive acquisition and increase brand awareness

Region: National

Target Audience: Main household shopper

Channels: Print

Ad types: Newspaper wrap and full-page advertisement.


The local meal kit home delivery service drove increased awareness and acquired new customers through bold wraps around some of New Zealand’s most loved newspapers.


The Challenge

Over Summer, the January to March period is the most challenging time for My Food Bag due to customers being out of routine and in ‘holiday mode’.

Recognising this, My Food Bag created a campaign with the aim to showcase and drive acquisition for their selection of brands; My Food Bag, Bargain Box and Fresh Start.

My Food Bag wanted to widen their reach to target early adopters who typically consider price as a barrier to using their product.

They also wanted to better understand engagement by geographic areas and determine regions of opportunity across New Zealand.


The Strategy

My Food Bag designed a price-led promotion, targeting early adopters who were interested in My Food Bag, Bargain Box or Fresh Start but had not tried due to price being a barrier.

With a call to action of “Take $40 off your first delivery, limited time March 2019 only”, My Food Bag chose to utilise the same artwork for all four newspapers to ensure a fair trial was conducted to identify which region recorded the highest uptake.

The team had not previously marketed a large price-led promotion through a traditional media channel. They saw it as an opportunity which offered a highly visual platform coupled with the ability to target messaging regionally. Print advertising also guaranteed complete control over the visual, typography and messaging.


The Goal

My Food Bag aimed to increase acquisition across all three brands. Additionally, they wanted to determine regions of opportunity across New Zealand.


The Campaign

My Food Bag worked with Stuff and published a 4-page colour wrap and full page ad placements across Stuff’s Metropolitan newspapers (The Press, The Dominion Post, Waikato Times) and the Sunday Star-Times. A full-page advertisement was also published in an issue of the TV Guide.

To ensure that Kiwis had the choice of product to fit their lifestyle and budget, the team ensured that all three brands were showcased in the advertisements.

Since My Food Bag is all about offering customers choice, Bargain Box is all about the family, and Fresh Start is about weight loss – they wanted to hero each brand on individual pages so their personalities could shine through.


The Results

During the period of the campaign, My Food Bag saw a spike of +23% in website traffic.

They saw a total of 341 conversions (customers who purchased using the Stuff $40 off promo code):

  • Waikato Times -19
  • The Dominion Post – 15
  • The Press – 75
  • Sunday Star-Times – 132

The team at My Food Bag also concluded that from the customers acquired from this campaign, +4.3% ordered more deliveries than customers who came in from other promotion.

After successfully driving awareness and conversions, My Food Bag has concluded that they will definitely consider a similar print campaign for future promotions.


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“It successfully drove awareness (seen via web traffic) as well as 341 attributable conversions.”

- My Food Bag