The Nobody’s Faster than Disaster campaign targeted male boaties during the summer period to encourage them to buy (and wear) life jackets. Results far exceeded expectation with 55% of men encouraged to talk about water safety through this campaign which delivered 3 million impressions across Stuff, Stuff Apps and the Otago Daily Times. Crunching the numbers, the campaign helped to drive a 40% increase in life jacket sales for Rebel Sport across the campaign.

The Campaign
To give the campaign objective context, Keith Manch, Director at Maritime New Zealand highlighted how important lifejackets are in preventing boating fatalities:

“We know that two thirds of all boatie deaths could be prevented if boaties would wear their lifejackets. The vast majority of boating fatalities tend to be European men aged more than 45 years old, and in small craft under six meters.”

Teaming up with NZME and Rebel Sport, this campaign built on Maritime NZ’s Nobody’s Faster Than Disaster creative to create a campaign that would speak to the target age group. The campaign period was set for the beginning of the busy summer season, 1 – 14 December, to reach the largest number of boaties possible, at a time in which the campaign would be incredibly relevant to them.

The existing Maritime NZ creative, Nobody’s Faster than Disaster, was adapted into eye catching and compelling newsmedia advertising that featured across Stuff and NZME publications and was anchored with a strong call to action that offered readers a 20% discount on all life jackets at Rebel Sport. The campaign ran across all of New Zealand’s daily newspapers in the weather and relevant news sections – where boaties were most likely to see the campaign.


The Results

  • Two thirds (67%) of water sports enthusiasts recalled the campaign and said that it brought water safety to their attention
  • 55% of those surveyed post campaign have or intend to talk to others about the importance of water safety
  • 39% have or intend to let people know about the discounted life jacket offer
  • More than 3 million impressions were delivered across Stuff, Otago Daily Times and Stuff apps
  • Click through rates reached 0.34%, double industry average, according to Google, with strong success seen across mobile and tablets
  • 40% increase in life jacket sales for Rebel Sport.
“The Campaign saw Rebel Sport increase its life jacket sales revenue by 40% over a comparable two week period. A great outcome for Rebel Sport but the really important thing from our perspective is that it would certainly have put hundreds of new life jackets into boaties’ hands.” - Pania Shingleton, Education and Communications Manager Maritime New Zealand