Client: ŠKODA New Zealand

Campaign objective: Demonstrate that ŠKODA values innovation

Region: Nationwide

Target Audience: Millennials/Gen Y/People aged 20 to 35 years

Channels: Digital

Ad types: Stuff’s Podcast Series Superfad


ŠKODA’s brave sponsorship of Stuff’s Superfad podcast series shifts brand perceptions, grows female audience and results in exceeded sales targets.


““Superfad is brought to you by ŠKODA. Okay, so tiny houses are a thing… but when it comes to cars, we want space. The Rapid Sport from ŠKODA has got it. Stretch out and soak up the view… with a panoramic full glass roof… Unless you’re driving of course. You’ve got a speed turbo charged engine to look after. For more info visit Š Now, time for the podcast.

–  Example of presentation integration


The Challenge

ŠKODA is one of the fastest growing car brands in New Zealand and was successful in driving sales as a logical purchase when buyers were looking at more affordable vehicles and comparing price to features.

However with sophisticated brands dominating the automotive category and being a significant factor behind most vehicle purchases, ŠKODA knew it had to invest in a communications strategy that demonstrated what ŠKODA stood for in the hearts and minds of consumers.

ŠKODA was seeking to position themselves as innovative and a brand that challenges traditional perspectives. They needed a media choice that reflected this with a dominant reach in their target market.

The Strategy

Stuff presented ŠKODA with a new sponsorship opportunity for the Superfad podcast series. The Superfad podcast series was Stuff’s inaugural commercial podcast.

The idea behind the Superfad series was to feature two millennial reporters trialling the latest ‘crazes’ and reporting on their real experiences in an entertaining way.

Stuff reporters Laura Walters and Katie Kenny’s experiences included spending a week in a waist trainer, cramming into a tiny house and relaxing for hours on the couch binge watching to generate content for the Superfad podcast.

Their method of podcasting combined lively insights — and revealing personal stories — from well-known New Zealanders like Colin Mathura-Jeffree and Kate Rodger. The tone was entertaining but they also covered what some of the trends might mean from a wider cultural perspective and the potential impacts of these.

ŠKODA embraced these audience personas as highly appealing to the ŠKODA target market specifically for their new Fabia & Rapid Hatches models.


The Campaign

The seven-part podcast went live in early March 2018 with one episode per week posted every Friday morning. Each episode was 20 minutes long and available on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

Stuff promoted the Superfad podcast utilising pointers from the homepage and social media accounts leading to a summary article including pictures, video and links to the podcasts. The article stated ŠKODA as the sponsor.

Additional promotion continued throughout the season using homepage pointers from the Stuff desktop, mobile web and Stuff app. There were also Facebook Live discussions with Walters and Kenny about each episode.

Research shows ‘voiced reads’ rather than spot placements* resonate better with podcast audiences so Walters and Kenny did voiced reads promoting benefits of ŠKODA models which were placed pre, mid & post each episode of the podcast series.


The Results

Superfad achieved almost 41,000 downloads with each episode averaging approximately 5,000 listens per episode — an amazing result considering it was Stuff’s first commercial podcast series.

ŠKODA dealers in the main metropolitan areas reported that foot traffic increased during the period for the Fabia Hatch and Rapid Hatch. Sales for the Fabia also exceeded target by 37% across from March to May 2018. Website sessions also increased 129% versus previous year. The previous year was viewed as the best comparison measure due to the seasonality of the auto market.

Interestingly female web sessions increased a significant 200% versus the previous year which was directly attributable to Superfad when visitor sources were analysed.


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*Nielsen: Podcast Sponsorship Effectiveness 83% The host is authentic and natural in delivering the ads.