In September 2017 Chris and Sarah Larcombe purchased Uren Barsal, a long-standing specialist manufacturer producing bedspreads, headboards and an array of other custom-made soft furnishings for the interior design sector, accommodation operators and retirement villages. When Covid-19 hit, Chris was working part time in IT and was given the challenge of sourcing PPE. This led to a lightbulb moment for Chris: Uren Barsal had the capability to produce face masks to meet demand. In lockdown 2020, Kind Face was born – triple-layered linen face masks produced in New Zealand, using natural materials sourced through local suppliers.

As a newly established start up with a very small Marketing budget, the challenge for Chris and the Kind Face team was getting their story and brand out to Kiwis, especially in an increasingly competitive market. They also needed to promote their range of other ‘Feel Good Products’ such as Weighted Eye Masks and NZ Wool Pearl Pillows that promote better sleep.


After exploring advertising channels such as Facebook and Google, Chris felt they weren’t the right fit for the Kind Face brand, and turned to Stuff. “I just really felt that Stuff’s values aligned with the Kind Face brand. It seems like a corporate without the corporate culture. I knew I could work with them” Chris says.
As a new small business, Chris decided to make the most of Stuff Ads, Stuff’s self service ad platform for SME. Stuff ads gave Chris the power to build and manage his own ads, with ongoing support from the Stuff team.
The campaigns featured Display and Native ads, with nationwide reach across the Stuff mobile site, targeting audiences such as Lifestylers, Business Professionals and Sports Fanatics.

“Stuff Ads platform is super easy to use and let’s me track the performance of ads myself without the need for third party support. And there’s a feel good factor about using it because it’s a locally owned platform”.



One of Kind Face’s objectives was to sell 100% of what they could make during Level 4 lockdowns which is between 100 -120 masks per day. Their first set of ads on Stuff really kickstarted the momentum and 30% of sales achieved across a 10 day – 2 week period was generated by Stuff Ads.

During the campaign period the Kind Face website traffic increased by 600-700% and 25-30% of this traffic can be attributed to the Stuff Ads campaign.

When looking at marketing spend and sales generated from the Stuff Ads campaign, return on ad spend is more than 4 times.