Client: Tourism Fiji

Campaign objective: Raise awareness of Tourism Fiji’s Global ‘Bulanaires’ Campaign

Region: National

Target Audience: Families and Couples

Channels: Print and Digital


Tourism Fiji briefed Stuff to promote their global Bulanaires campaign to New Zealanders that included a new campaign theme and online platform. In response, Stuff delivered an extensive integrated and interactive proposition resulting in a large boost of visitors to the microsite + high awareness of the unique spirit of happiness encapsulated by the Fijian people.


“This partnership with Stuff was especially important to Tourism Fiji as it launched a new concept and platform with the Bulanaires campaign which puts a spotlight on the Fijian people that travellers can expect to meet on their next Fiji holiday.

Stuff brought not only a genuine integrated proposition, but also innovation that led to genuinely engaging advertising.

Tourism Fiji were very pleased with Stuff’s strategic approach to the brief and flawless execution of the campaign.”

–  Sarah Atkinson, Marketing Manager, Tourism Fiji – New Zealand


The Challenge

When New Zealanders are looking for tropical holiday destinations there is a range of choice in the Pacific Islands, Australia and further afield.

Tourism Fiji’s objective was to promote Fiji as the ultimate Pacific Island destination through invigorating their brand positioning “Where happiness finds you” via their new 2019 global Bulanaires campaign.

Their target market was the sought after ‘families and couples’ holidaymakers in NZ.


The Strategy

To create cut-through in the competitive travel category, Tourism Fiji knew they needed a compelling campaign with multiple touchpoints and extensive reach.

Building on the proposition that Fiji was a country that measured wealth through happiness, Tourism Fiji compiled and promoted their Bulanaires list – a clever twist on the well-touted Billionaire lists.

Tourism Fiji provided authenticity to their global Bulanaire list by having it selected under the guidance of Professor Lea Waters, who is an accredited psychologist and author.

Each person chosen encapsulated the ‘Bula Spirit’ through their happy and positive outlook on life and reflected the values of the campaign.

Tourism Fiji launched its Bulanaires website as the destination global content platform. With Stuff helping Kiwis come together and thrive together, the partnership with Tourism Fiji was a logical fit.

The extensive reach of Stuff platforms brought the campaign to life and grabbed New Zealanders’ attention in an impactful way.


The Campaign

After analysing Nielsen CMI data, the products selected were and a range of Stuff print publications as they demonstrated the best way to reach Fiji Tourism’s core target markets in terms of audience and readership.

Print products included Sunday magazine (the Sunday Star-Times glossy inserted magazine), Escape – the travel content within Sunday Star-Times and Your Weekend (the lifestyle magazine inserted into metropolitan mastheads the Waikato Times, The Dominion Post and The Press).

The campaign period ran from 30 April to 31 May 2019 to coincide with the launch of the global Bulanaires campaign.

For the launch period, the stunning video imagery introducing the ‘Bulanaires’ story was dominant on the Stuff homepage for the day (reaching close to 1 million viewers) via the billboard unit and corresponding top MREC tile. Cross-platform sponsored content followed, with native drivers placed across Stuff desktop and mobile. Mobile video units rounded off the digital campaign, leveraging Stuff’s credibility and ensuring a rich, storytelling experience for viewers.

A three part series that profiled the Bulanaires’ story and how they find happiness was also published across the selected print properties. Where they were published online, audience engagement tools such as infographic quizzes were included on the pages.

Another editorial angle covered the importance of happiness drivers as outlined by Professor Lea Waters and used as a base for editorial articles that encouraged user content on how members defined happiness.

Readers were invited to answer a few questions on their approach to happiness to generate a ‘Bula Spirit’ score via the ‘Bula-rometer’. The purpose of these digital reader engagement tools was to encourage viewers to stay on the page for longer, grow sentiment and to reinforce the ‘Bula Spirit’ messaging.

The editorial dominance Stuff properties delivered meant the concept of happiness was strongly associated with Tourism Fiji.

Tourism Fiji Your WeekendTourism Fiji     Tourism Fiji Mobile



The Results

Over the campaign period Stuff delivered an extensive lift in content focussing on Fiji across print and online.

Collectively the Bulanaires’ digital elements across the Stuff online properties delivered a staggering 4 million impressions and more than 58,000 article page views.

Of the total global traffic to the Bulanaires platform, 16% was attributable to Stuff digital properties demonstrating the strength of Stuff’s ability to maximise the content marketing strategy.


Tourism Fiji


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