Māia sought the support of Stuff to deliver a fundraising campaign that would mobilize its print readers in Canterbury.


The Challenge

The Māia Health Foundation is a Canterbury charity with a mission to enhance the health experience for locals — taking it from good to great.

In March 2018, Māia Health Foundation launched a crowdfunding campaign, 13 minutes. For the seriously ill and injured, 13 minutes could be the difference between life and death. Currently, this is the time it takes to transfer by ambulance to Christchurch Hospital after landing in Hagley Park.

With a goal of raising $500,000 — ambitious, especially for a charity less than two years old — the campaign sought funds to build a future-proofed helipad at Christchurch Hospital with a clinical support unit, which would give patients another 13 minutes that could potentially save their lives.


The Strategy

Māia needed to cut through the charity clutter and get Cantabrians — particularly older and more affluent print readers — to open their hearts to the cause. To give back to communities, Stuff supports charities in need with advertising placements. Stuff donated a $100,000 advertising package for the 13 minutes campaign, which included:

  • Print ads in The Press, Timaru Herald, Your Weekend, and Stuff’s Canterbury community papers.
  • Digital ads and video pre-roll on the Stuff website.

The Stuff and The Press editorial teams also supported with articles appearing in print and online.


The Results

  • 28 print ads in seven Stuff publications were seen 358,000 times by Canterbury readers.

In six weeks, Māia received more than 1,100 donations, totalling more than $600,000. With a significant contribution of $500,000 from Rātā Foundation, the 13 Minutes campaign raised $1.1 million for the helipad project and also delivered a massive boost to the young charity’s profile.

Part way through the campaign, Māia realised that providing a more traditional method of payment would mobilize the older print audience and increase donations. The advertising creative was updated to feature cheque as another donation method, which resulted in a huge number of payments from print readers.

While 88% of the total number of donations came via the 13 Minutes website, the remainder of donations were via direct credit, cheque, cash or Givealitte. A massive 45% (more than $270,000) was donated by cheque. This shows the power of Stuff’s print readers and the ability of well-crafted advertisements to initiate action.


“We feel very lucky to have had the support of Stuff and its wide-reaching publications.

“With the use of real people telling their own stories, this campaign won the hearts of many — encouraging thousands of people to give and helping us achieve our ambitious fundraising target.

“It was fantastic to see the support of the local community and we can’t thank Stuff enough for helping us reach out to them.”

– Michael Flatman, Māia Chief Executive