How Stuff is supporting advertisers through COVID-19


Stuff is committed to keeping New Zealanders informed on the Covid-19 situation, both locally and internationally. The enormous level of interest from our audience demonstrates that Stuff is the place Kiwis connect to in times of uncertainty – for vital, trusted information as well as reassurance and guidance. We have seen our digital unique browsers surge – with more than 2.4 million daily unique browsers recorded in March*. Kiwis are also turning to print for in-depth reporting in times of crisis and for the convenience of home delivery.

We’re aware that our advertisers have faced great upheaval and uncertainty. If you’ve advertised with Stuff before, you’ve supported our business to deliver quality national and local journalism, and, in turn, also employment for Kiwis in media. Thank you for this. It’s not something we take for granted.

Stuff has been focused on how we can support advertisers in these toughest of times. We understand that many businesses have had to shut down under lockdown due to the national Covid-19 response. For some, this might be a hard pause, and others may have changed the way their business offers goods or services online, depending on the Government’s alert level criteria at the time.

Stuff’s content continues to be adapted for readers as they seek advice on how they can adjust to life in lockdown, and these have been effective places for advertisers to communicate their business updates.


New editorial sections:

Backing Business

We are reporting on how businesses support our communities. Visit

Back Your Backyard

While we are staying home, we can all still dream and plan for 2021, and more travel within New Zealand. Visit


Focus on SMEs:

Prosper is a new section on the Stuff news site that provides expert advice and support to a significant sector of the New Zealand economy. SMEs thriving again is a key engine for economic recovery. Visit


Advice for advertising in a recession:

Find helpful advice and insight for how to best market and advertise your brand, products and services during a recession on this new content series on Stuff. Click here to view the Six reasons to continue advertising during a market downturn article.


Neighbourly Premium Business Listing:

For the first time, businesses with less than 20 employees are being offered free three-month Neighbourly Premium Business Listings . With a focus across the platform to support thriving local communities, we believe it is important for local businesses to stay front of mind with those in their communities – such as through introducing the team behind their brand, sharing updates, offering expert advice and being the friendly business their neighbours are happy to support. Neighbourly will be guiding small businesses on how best to stay present at this time and to ensure their expertise is valued by neighbours. Visit


Unprecedented rates:

Stuff currently offers special rates on advertising options so your media spend is even more cost effective. Contact your sales representative to find out more so we can work with you to help your business get back on its feet. Get in touch with your usual Stuff Representative today or click here to get in touch.


Please get in touch with your advertising representative or contact us here, so we can advise you on the best approach to see your business through this unprecedented time.


*Source: March 2020, Nielsen Market Intelligence **Please view Stuff Limited General Advertising Terms and Conditions here.