So, you have created a great ad according to the newspaper specifications of your chosen publication. Now all you have to do is upload it through our online self-servcice tool, AdTracker.

Before uploading your ad, you’ll need to ensure it meets our technical specifications found here.

In the instructional video below you’ll learn how to upload your ad into AdTracker, ready to be published.  You can also view these as written instructions by scrolling down.


Step 1. Accessing AdTracker

Prior to the run date of your booked ad, you will receive an upcoming booking email from containing a link to submit files within AdTracker.  Click on this link and you will be taken directly to your booking.

Alternatively, should you have multiple bookings you are wanting to view, you can do so by logging into AdTracker with the username and password provided within the same email.  You can then select the relevant booking by clicking on it.

Step 2. Uploading your ad

Click submit files and the new file submission window will appear.  

Tick the box this order will include a fully-designed press or online ready ad, which will automatically select no changes needed. Ad is approved from the drop down list.  

You can now attach your ad by either clicking select files and locating your ad or by dragging it into the drop files here section.

Click next.

This will take you to the details about this ad page where you will need to select AD1 – no design input needed from the drop down list.

Click next.

If you have instructions, they can be added in the instructions for this ad field, otherwise click next.

A summary page will display where you can check the details that will be submitted.  If everything is captured, click submit to complete the process.

Need help?

Find details for your local Sales Support contact here.

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