General Tech Specs Info


  • All advertising must conform to Stuff Digital’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Creatives must not be sent in two parts e.g. text for a textlink in one e-mail and the clickthrough URL in another. The creative must be received whole in one e-mail.
  • There is a limit of four rotating creatives per standard display advert.
  • All creatives must click through to a new window.
  • Creatives must not contain strobing effects.
  • Only static creatives (.jpg or animated .gif) are accepted for Newsletters. Standard Flash and Rich Media are not compatible with all e-mail programs.
  • Any 3rd Party costs are to be paid for by the advertiser.
  • Stuff Digital will not accept advertisements that mislead the user. For example, advertisements that look or act like Windows dialogue boxes, error messages or editorial content.
  • Creatives with a white background must have a one-pixel wide border.
  • Stuff Digital reserves the right to reject creatives that require a high percentage of CPU resources (i.e. resulting in a CPU spike).
  • All creative submissions are subject to reasonable approval by Stuff . We may require that material is corrected or amended to conform to style, or for other genuine reasons.
  • Click URLs have a limit of 254 characters.
  • All creative assets (such as landing page, advertiser’s redirect, tracking pixels) must be secure (https).

Accepted data formats

  • Third-party redirect tags (please supply JavaScript tags) 


  • Stuff accepts HTML5 creative. We provide a more relaxed file size limit for HTML5 creatives — maximum 100KB for desktop and mobile campaigns. Please traffic a backup image (max 40KB) for your HTML5 creative as particular browsers don’t support HTML5 fully.
  • If you are providing a third-party adserved tag, please ensure that the naming of all HTML5 assets uploaded into your adserver is 24 characters or less (including spaces). 

Instruction and material deadline

We must receive all creative materials and information from the Customer in accordance with our advertising material guidelines set out below:

  • All Rich Media digital advertising is due no later than 5 working days prior to commencement of a campaign as set out in the insertion order.
  • All Standard digital advertising is due no later than 3 working days prior to commencement of a campaign as set out in the insertion order.
  • Any late delivery of creative material resulting in the delay of a campaign is the responsibility of the Customer. For invoicing purposes, the campaign will be deemed to have begun on the original start date specified in the insertion order.
  • Stuff reserves the right to charge an additional processing fee of $150+GST, where creative material is delivered after 3pm the day prior to campaign commencement specified in the insertion order for the relevant placement. Such charges are non-commission bearing, and must be paid upon receipt of invoice in line with Stuff payment terms and conditions.
  • For the avoidance of doubt in relation to Stuff advertising operation service times, support hours have been defined to be between the hours of 8.30am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • Except where the Customer provides the creative materials directly to Stuff for Stuff to upload and host for publication, the Customer must provide, or ensure that an external advertising resource provides, all creative material from an HTTPS (secure browsing) server and/or domain which is using a commercial CA-signed certificate, and using current industry best-practice encryption algorithms and key sizes. 

Bandwith detection

The purpose of bandwidth detection is to block a larger file size ad from users who have slow internet connections but to still show the ad to users with faster internet connections. A 500KB ad should be setup to block internet connections slower than 500KBPS. For connections slower than 500KBPS a standard display ad should be served. 

Polite Ads

A display ad that has a larger file size. A polite ad can serve larger files without disturbing the loading of the page content. It utilises sequential downloading to display a smaller file while the main file is downloading. All polite load ads are third party adserved. 

Google Analytics (GA)

  • Tracking Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) is an ad server which we use to track impressions and clicks. 
  • Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool which advertisers may use to analyse visitor activity on their website.
  • Please be aware that GAM and GA are completely diff erent platforms that record diff erent metrics, please read the information linked below if you are wanting to track your campaigns in Google Analytics
  • For tracking GAM display and native campaigns visit 

Delivery details

All creative submissions are to be emailed to:

  • Please use the following subject line for all creative submissions: advertiser name / campaign name
  • Please ensure that the start and end date are included in the email when submitting material.