Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising With Stuff

I want to place a classified ad in a Stuff newspaper. How do I do this?
To place a classified advertisement, you can phone 0800 835 323 or email

I want to place a note in the family notices section of a Stuff newspaper. How do I do this?
To place a notice for birth, in memoriam, anniversaries you can phone 0800 287 322 or email

How much does it cost to advertise in Stuff newspapers?
To view Stuff advertising rates for all products and brands click here

Who do I talk to to place an advertisement in a Stuff newspaper?
To speak to a media sales representative complete this form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Alternatively you can phone 0800 835 500

I am an advertiser with Stuff and need to talk to someone about my account.
If you have a query about an advertising invoice or about making a payment please email
I’m a real estate agent and want to talk about advertising in the real estate sections of Stuff newspapers. 
Email and one of our specialist real estate media representatives will be in touch. 

I want to place an advertisement but will need help designing the ad. Are you able to do this? 
Sure thing, we’re here to help. To get assistance in designing your ad contact the Stuff representative who you placed your ad with or email

I have booked an ad in a Stuff product but need to find the specs for the design. 
To view technical specifications for all Stuff advertising products and brands click here. 

I have booked an ad in a Stuff product but need to know the material deadline. 
To view deadlines for delivering you advertising creative for all Stuff products and brands click here

I book advertising in my local paper with my local Stuff media representative. I want to book advertising in a newspaper outside of my region, how do I do that? 
Your usual Stuff media representative can help you with all Stuff advertising solutions no matter your location.

I currently run advertising in Stuff newspapers but want to look at advertising on or How do I do this?
Your usual Stuff media representative can help you with all Stuff advertising solutions whether they’re print or digital. 

Community newspapers

My community newspaper hasn’t been delivered. Who do I talk to?
Please report any delivery issues with your community newspaper here.

I no longer want the community newspaper delivered to my letterbox. How do I stop this?
To stop delivery of your community newspaper please complete this form or email

I want to place an advertisement in my local community newspaper. How do I do this?
To speak to a media sales representative complete this form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Alternatively, you can phone 0800 835 323

Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

I want to subscribe to a Stuff newspaper. How can I do this?
The easiest way to subscribe to a Stuff newspaper is by visiting Alternatively, phone 0800 339 000.

I want to cancel my subscription to a Stuff newspaper. How can I do this?
The easiest way to cancel a subscription by calling 0800 339 000 or sending an email

I want to subscribe to a Stuff magazine. How can I do this?
To subscribe to a Stuff magazine, visit

I want to cancel a subscription to a Stuff magazine. How can I do this?
To discuss or cancel your magazine subscription email or phone 0800 624 744.

Content in Newspapers/Magazines

I have a story I’d like to share with the Stuff editorial team. How do I contact them?
Send your news tips, photos and videos to Or contact the newsroom on 0800 788 335. Please note this number cannot accept voicemail.

Alternatively, you can tweet us @nzstuff. To submit an opinion column, you can email or contribute via Stuff Nation.

I’d like to complain about a story I saw in a Stuff newspaper/magazine/ How do I do this?
Stuff is subject to NZ Media Council procedures. Complaints about stories should first be directed in writing to the relevant editor, a list of these can be found here

General complaints can be sent to Stuff Digital Editor in Chief Keith Lynch at 

If you're not satisfied with the response, the complaint may be referred to the Media Council - or PO Box 10879, The Terrace, Wellington. Enclose copies of the article complained of, and any correspondence you have had with us. Further detail and a complaint form are available at

I’d like to purchase a photograph I saw in a Stuff newspaper/magazine. How do I do this?
For syndication, please email or phone 0800 3397 9634.
For photo sales, please email or phone 0800 3397 9634.

Google Analytics (GA) vs Google Ad Manager (GAM)

Why do the GAM stats you’ve provided not match the stats I see in my Google Analytics reports?

Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics tool and is used to analyse visitor activity on a website. Google Ad Manager (GAM) is an ad server and amongst other things is used to track impressions and clicks on ads. GAM will tell you how well your ads performed on our site and GA will tell you what they are doing on your site after they’ve clicked through.

Here is the official advice from Google (who host the DFP platform) on comparing DFP to GA:

As per industry standard, advertisers are not advised to reconcile impression or click numbers between their publisher’s Google Ad Manager (GAM) implementation and their own Google Analytics (GA) implementation. In general, these two products measure different metrics at different points in the user funnel and so there are many places where they simply do not count the same action. This can result in a significant discrepancy between GAM and analytics solutions, including Google Analytics (GA).

Briefly, what are the primary functions of GAM and GA?
GAM: Ad management and reporting ad metrics such as clicks and impressions.
GA: Insights on website traffic and where the traffic came from.

How are the two systems different?
Metrics are counted at different points in the click-referral cycle.
GAM counts ad clicks at the source; GA counts pageviews or sessions when a user hits the site.

How can I be sure which traffic came from my ads on stuff?

The only reliable way is to ensure that you supply us with trackable URLs.

Use the GA URL builder to create trackable links here:

The URL builder will pass on the source, medium, campaign name, etc into Google Analytics. When you look in Google Analytics you will see those values showing up under Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns. At the top of the table you can click on Campaign, Source or Medium headings to see any traffic that has come from our ads.
For example, if your website is and you want to track an Advertorial running on the Cuisine newsletter for your Cuisine Wine campaign you could set it up as follows:

Source = cuisine_newsletter
Medium = advertorial
Campaign = cuisine_wine

Plug those values into the URL builder to get this:…

In GA, navigate to Acquisitions > Campaigns > All Campaigns and click on the Source header and look for “cuisine_newsletter”, click on the Medium header and look for “advertorial”, click on the Campaign header and look for “cuisine_wine”. The Sessions column tells you how many sessions were created as a result of traffic from the advertorial in the Cuisine Newsletter.

I still don’t see as much traffic as there should be?

Google Analytics measures traffic differently to GAM. For example, if a user clicks on an ad multiple times within a 30-min window each click will be counted separately in GAM but only counted as one session (or page view) in Google Analytics. In this case you may see a higher number of clicks compared to pageviews in GA.

Also, if a visitor closes their browser as soon as they reach your site, we will count that as a click but the pageview might not be counted in GA. In this case you may see a higher number of clicks compared to pageviews in GA.

GAM automatically filters out traffic from robots and spiders – this may result in lower clicks recorded by DFP but higher pageviews in GA.

Setting up Google Analytics correctly

In addition to the above, you need to make sure that Google Analytics is set up correctly. An incorrect implementation or filtered views may affect your ability to see the traffic that has been directed to your site.

To check that your GA implementation has been set up correctly you should check with the person(s) who set up your GA account/profiles.

Some of the most common setup mistakes are listed here:

Ensure you are using an unfiltered view

Google Analytics can be set up to filter out certain types of traffic. This can affect the stats that you view in GA. Check that you are looking at an unfiltered view.

To check for filters that might be affecting your data, click on the name of the view in the top left-hand corner of the report. This will open a drop-down where all the views that are available under that property are listed. Look for any view that may be unfiltered.

If you have Admin access to your GA account, then click on the Admin menu (at bottom-left), navigate to your Account, Property and View. Click on Filters and look for any filter that has been added.

Learn how to create filters to control your report data.

A Career with Stuff

I’m interested in working at Stuff. How can I view your job vacancies?
To learn more about working at Stuff and view current vacancies visit


I am a retailer and I’d like to stock a Stuff newspaper/magazine or have a query about the products I currently stock. Who do I talk to to discuss this?
If you are interested in stocking a Stuff product or need to discuss the products you currently stock, please email

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