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Each week, you’ll find Sunday magazine nestled in the pages of the Sunday Star-Times. It has a unique tone of voice that readers love, and it captivates its audience at the perfect time: when they are relaxed and unhurried. Sunday is a publication that’s smart, credible and respected, covering everything from fashion to food and drink, while featuring engaging personalities. For businesses, the magazine offers a range of opportunities to get exposure to an engaged, predominantly female audience who own their home and have a higher household income than the average New Zealander.

Sunday is a day when the have-to list can be put aside for just a moment and we indulge in small pleasures. Reaching for the magazine in the weekend papers has always been one of mine. Inside are gorgeously designed pages to enjoy, discuss, contemplate, covet or even inspire to get up off the couch or beach towel and try out a delicious recipe or two.

Frances Morton ~ Sunday Editor


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