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The Paper Planes
Deadline extended!

Entries for The Paper Planes have now been extended to 5:00pm 18 December 2019.

The Paper Planes is an opportunity for you and your team to demonstrate how innovative you can get with newspaper advertising. Let your creativity and imagination take flight and showcase the power of print as a medium for effective advertising.

Play Stuff

Play Stuff

Introducing Stuff’s exciting news and entertainment video destination.

Play Stuff is an innovative new video on demand product that will appeal to a broad audience, including younger viewers. It is designed to showcase Stuff’s award-winning video journalism as well as meet the audience’s appetite for different kinds of content.

Tourism Fiji

Case Study: Tourism Fiji

Exciting the NZ audience to engage with their ‘Bulanaires’ Campaign

Learn how Tourism Fiji worked with Stuff to create an extensive integrated and interactive proposition resulting in a large boost of visitors to the microsite + high awareness of the unique spirit of happiness encapsulated by the Fijian people.

Sunday Star-Times

2 out of 3 Kiwis Read a Newspaper Every Week.

From Cape Reinga to Bluff, print still remains as a preferred medium for over 2.5 million New Zealanders (66%) and 1.7 million Kiwis continue to view newspapers as our most trusted source of news and information.

Getting your brand in print

Discover Stuff's range of print brands and learn how they can connect your business with consumers across New Zealand

Digital Advertising

Stuff makes marketing and advertising your brand online easy

Let our popular and trusted local brands like stuff and Neighbourly connect you with Kiwis online