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Double Page Spread

Image area:244x390mm
Trim area:275x420mm
Bleed size:285x430mm


Full Page

Image area:244x180mm
Trim area:275x210mm
Bleed size:285x220mm


Half Page Vertical

Image area:244x85mm
Trim area:275x102mm
Bleed size:285x112mm


One Third Vertical

Image area:244x55mm
Trim area:275x70mm
Bleed size:295x80mm


Half Page Horizontal

Image area:119x180mm
Trim area:135x210mm
Bleed size:142x220mm


One Third Horizontal

Image area:80x180mm
Trim area:93x210mm
Bleed size:103x220mm


Premium Position

Premium positions, such as specific pages, are available subject to availability and will incur a loading of 15%

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation after the booking deadline will result in a cancellation fee of 25% of the booking cost.


Commission of 10% is payable on the above rates to agencies accredited with the PMAA.

Material delivery

Supplying content:Inserts should be delivered to Ovato,122 Kerrs Road, Wiri, Auckland 2104. Stuff insert docket MUST accompany inserts. Email:


IssueStatusCancellation DeadlineBooking DeadlineMaterial DeadlineInsert Delivery Deadline
July 202220 June 2022 05:00am10 May 2022 05:00am18 May 2022 05:00am24 May 2022 05:00am27 May 2022 05:00am
August 202218 July 2022 05:00am6 June 2022 05:00am14 June 2022 05:00am20 June 2022 05:00am24 June 2022 05:00am
September 202222 August 2022 05:00am11 July 2022 05:00am19 July 2022 05:00am25 July 2022 05:00am29 July 2022 05:00am
October 202219 September 2022 05:00am8 August 2022 05:00am16 August 2022 05:00am22 August 2022 05:00am26 August 2022 05:00am
November 202224 October 2022 04:00am12 September 2022 05:00am20 September 2022 05:00am26 September 2022 04:00am30 September 2022 04:00am
December 202221 November 2022 04:00am10 October 2022 04:00am18 October 2022 04:00am24 October 2022 04:00am28 October 2022 04:00am
January 202319 December 2022 04:00am7 November 2022 04:00am15 November 2022 04:00am21 November 2022 04:00am25 November 2022 04:00am