At Stuff, we’re driven by our purpose to help Kiwis connect and thrive in their communities – that drives everything we do as a business, and includes our commitment to the environment. We take environmental sustainability and climate change seriously and do our best to reduce the footprint our business has on the environment, and also to use our role as a trusted media outlet to shine the light on these issues.

In every area of our business, we’re looking at how we can do better by the environment, and in just the last few years, Stuff has seen its carbon footprint decrease by at least 10% year-on-year*.

We’re radically reducing our electricity consumption and waste in our offices, we’re working with suppliers to find more environmentally-friendly ways to run our print sites, we’re looking at ways we can cut our vehicle fleet emissions, we’re progressing towards diverting 100% of landfill waste from our events portfolio and we’re challenging the NZ public to do their part as well.



Taking action


As New Zealand’s biggest news website, Stuff performs a vital role in educating, informing and raising awareness in the community about important sustainability and environmental issues, and in turn influencing the social agenda.

Here are some ways we’re raising awareness and taking action against important environmental issues.


Bags Not

Bags Not

Stuff launched its ‘Bags Not’ campaign in November 2017 to encourage Kiwis to go one week without using a single use plastic bag, and ultimately eliminate single use plastic bags and encourage recycling.

In coming out with that sentiment, we also had to look at ourselves and commit to helping readers recycle the plastic wrapping that protects the newspapers delivered to our subscribers.

Our newspaper plastic wrap is LDPE (code 4) which is 100% recyclable but not biodegradable, and typically councils don’t recycle this wrap (most accepted plastic identification codes are levels 1, 2 and 3).

To help, Stuff sponsored the Love NZ Soft Plastics Programme – an initiative that offers recycling bins in retail outlets so those with local councils that don’t accept plastic bags can take back their used soft plastic wrappers. The programme currently runs in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and across the South Island at Countdown, Pak ‘n Save, New World and The Warehouse, giving more than 70% of Kiwis access to soft plastic recycling and with the aim to be at 85% by the end of 2019.


Thin Ice

We supported an investigative feature, Thin Ice, in April 2018 by Stuff national correspondent Charlie Mitchell on New Zealand’s shrinking glaciers, including an interactive visual simulation of the two-decade retreat of Franz Josef Glacier. The series details the effects of climate change and the impacts of tourism on the country’s natural ice wonders.



Stuff runs some of NZ’s largest and most iconic events, attended by half a million Kiwis each year, including Auckland’s Ports of Auckland Round the Bays, the Central Districts Field Days, the Night Noodle Markets and the national Women of Influence Awards.

Stuff wants to be an industry leader in environmental sustainability, with a goal to achieve zero-waste events.

Every Stuff event is committed to being as kind as possible to the planet and landfill diversion from Stuff Events is increasing year-on-year. Onsite signs encourage guests to do their bit to reduce waste via three-stage waste management streams, and ‘green’ messaging is pushed in event promotion. An initiative as simple as removing single-use cups at the Night Noodle Markets saved over 30,000 cups from going to landfill.

Through a number of recycling and reusing initiatives, Stuff Events diverted 65% of the 78 tonnes of waste from all its FY18 events.


Climate Leaders Coalition

In July 2018, Stuff signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition and Statement, run by the NZ Sustainable Business Council, alongside 60 other Kiwi businesses that share the same vision of a low emissions economy and commitment to demonstrating the role businesses play in climate change.

The group of 60 businesses – inlcuding Z, Westpac, Vector, Air New Zealand and NZ Post – make up nearly 50 fifty per cent of New Zealand’s emissions. Stuff, along with all of the other business signatories, is acting to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy and, in doing so, create a positive future for Kiwis.