In the past few weeks, Stuff has signed new content sharing agreements with government-funded indigenous broadcaster Māori Television and Skykiwi, New Zealand’s premier Chinese-NZ news outlet. These new partnerships enable Stuff to broaden its content offering while giving Māori Television and Skykiwi a chance to share their content with New Zealand’s largest digital audience.

While the benefits in terms of content and audience are clear for all parties, the most exciting benefit for Stuff Editor-in-Chief Patrick Crewdson is the ability to provide more meaningful stories from and about under-served New Zealand communities.

“Stuff’s scale allows us to act as a mirror of the country. These partnerships with Māori TV and Skykiwi help us better reflect the true diversity of New Zealand,” Crewdson says.

Both agreements expand on previous content sharing relationships, introducing significant emphasis on collaboration. Stuff and Skykiwi will now meet regularly to discuss content, and will also work together on larger, long-term editorial projects for the Chinese-NZ community. Māori Television and Stuff are planning staff exchanges, as well as building a stronger and more collaborative relationship between the two parties’ news directors.

“New Zealand needs more avenues to tell stories that matter to Māori. We are thrilled that under this new agreement Stuff will get to showcase more of Māori Television’s exceptional journalism to New Zealand’s largest digital audience,” says Crewdson.

For Skykiwi, this agreement with Stuff marks the first formal content partnership with a major New Zealand media outlet. Chief Operations Officer Eric Song says it provides a new avenue to integrate the New Zealand Chinese community to mainstream Kiwi culture.

“While we have a strong reader-base, working with Stuff means that New Zealanders who do not speak Chinese can learn more about the Chinese community – on Stuff and on Skykiwi. On the flipside, our readers in China will get a clearer understanding of New Zealand culture with more high-quality local content.”

As expected, the new agreements build on and formalise current content sharing practices: Digital content created by Skykiwi or Māori Television, including stories and videos, can be distributed on Stuff; Māori Television and Skykiwi can run selected Stuff content on their channels.

Stuff also has a similar strategic partnership with Indian radio station and online news outlet, Radio Tarana, and other content sharing agreements with local media outlets TVNZ, RNZ, and Bauer.